The process of searching for the perfect university can be a daunting task. With over 3,500 four-year institutions in the U.S. alone (not to mention a myriad of international schools), it’s difficult to know where to start.  In 2009, Glenda started College Advising and Planning Services (formerly Competitive College Coaching) with the goal of providing guidance and support to students and parents regarding financial and practical opportunities that enhance the student’s God-given talents and abilities.  Below is the introductory video from the College Advising and Planning Services (Competitive College Coaching) website.

Competitive College Coaching Welcome Video


College Advising and Planning Services focuses on developing six primary characteristics that we call the whole-PERSON concept, necessary, first, for the mature Christian life and secondly, for success in college: Perseverance, Excellence, Responsibility, Self-initiative, Out-of-the-Box creativity, and Natural Leadership.  These characteristics are developed through the FOUR CORNERSTONES OF COLLEGE PREPARATION

Once the four cornerstones are applied consistently in the student’s life, we offer coaching regarding CONNECTING to the appropriate college and COMMUNICATING the student’s strengths to colleges.

Primary emphasis is on seeking the Lord as opposed to the thing (college acceptance, scholarship awards, etc.) and waiting on Him, not the event.  We encourage students and their families to use this time to draw into deeper intimacy with the Lord, trusting His counsel every step of the way.  Our goal is not to draw attention to the student, but to the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:5), and to glorify Him by walking in His Counsel.

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Additionally, as an award-winning speaker, Glenda coaches students in developing their own personal
communication style.  Her clients have garnered numerous regional and national awards including top honors in the VFW’s “Voice of Democracy” Speech Contest, Optimist Club’s Oratorical Contest, National Christian Forensics and Communications Association’s Speech Competition, National Fine Arts Short Sermon, and many more.